Economy Edition- Economy5000

Price: $199.00
Lookups: 5,000
Price per lookup: $0.0398
Overage Lookup Rate: $0.0530
Billing Cycle: Month

Product Summary

The Economy Edition Sales and Use Tax Rates Web Service give access to sales and use tax rates data using a US Zip Code or Canadian Province abbreviation. The complete edition web service uses non-unique zip codes to show multiple taxing jurisdictions for a zip code.

The Economy edition web service provides rates broken down at the furthest level based on a state's sales tax reporting requirements. Simply enter a valid 5 digit US Zip Code and get the current sales and use tax rates information returned to you. If the zip code contains more than one city & county combination, the web service will return multiple sets of data, one for each taxing jurisdiction.

The data returned will include the following information:

Zip Code State Abbrevation County Name
City Name Total Sales Tax Rate Total Use Tax Rate
County Name State Sales Tax Rate State Use Tax Rate
County Sales Tax Rate County Use Tax Rate MTA Sales Tax Rate
City Sales Tax Rate City Use Tax Rate MTA Use Tax Rate
SPD Sales Tax Rate SPD Use Tax Rate Other1 Sales Tax Rate
Other1 Use Tax Rate Other2 Sales Tax Rate Other2 Use Tax Rate
Other3 Sales Tax Rate Other3 Use Tax Rate Other4 Sales Tax Rate
County Number City Number MTA Name
MTA Number SPD Name SPD Number
Other1 Name Other1 Number Other2 Name
Other2 Number Other3 Name Other3 Number
Other4 Name Other4 Number Tax Shipping Alone?
Tax Shipping and Handling Together?

The Canada lookup tool will return the following:

Province Abbreviation Province Name GST
Total Sales Tax Tax Shipping and Handling?

General Information