Address Verification- AddrVerify+Zip4-5000

Price: $399.00
Lookups: 5,000
Price per lookup: $0.0800
Overage Lookup Rate: $0.1066
Billing Cycle: Month

Product Summary

The Address Verification Edition verify US address and audit every part of an address to make sure its valid using address matching and data standardization technology. Then address is validated to a USPS CASS certification. This service corrects addresses, and adds ZIP+4 data, provides delivery point verification, gives congressional districts, and much more.

Address is validated to a USPS CASS certification, and then mapped to the zip+4 for the most accurate tax information. The address validation will return address information including the street address, city name, state abbreviation, 5 digit zip code and the +4 zip code. The tax information returned includes the taxing jurisdiction information, FIPS codes, the general sales and use tax rates at the state, county, city, SPD, MTA, other1-4, totals, reporting codes, min and max taxes, effective dates, and more.

The data returned will include the following information:

Is Address Exists? Zip Code Plus 4
Address1 Address2 Address3
City Name State Name CRT
DP Digits Congress District UPS Rural

  Taxing Jurisdiction Information
Zip Code
State Abbreviation
County Name
City Name
State FIPS Code
County FIPS Code
City FIPS Code
FIPS Geocode
Total Sales Tax
State Sales Tax
County Sales Tax
City Sales Tax
MTA Sales Tax
SPD Sales Tax
Other1 Sales Tax
Other2 Sales Tax
Other3 Sales Tax
Other4 Sales Tax
Total Use Tax
State Use Tax
County Use Tax
City Use Tax
MTA Use Tax
SPD Use Tax
Other1 Use Tax
Other2 Use Tax
Other3 Use Tax
Other4 Use Tax
State Effective Date
County Effective Date
City Effective Date
MTA Effective Date
SPD Effective Date
Other1 Effective Date
Other2 Effective Date
Other3 Effective Date
Other4 Effective Date
Tax Shipping Alone?
Tax Shipping and Handling Together?
County Reporting Code
City Reporting Code
MTA Name
MTA Number
SPD Name
SPD Number
Other1 Name
Other1 Number
Other2 Name
Other2 Number
Other3 Name
Other3 Number
Other4 Name
Other4 Number
County Tax Collected by
City Tax Collected by
County Taxable Max
County Tax over Max
City Taxable Max
City Tax Over Max

The Canada lookup tool will return the following:

Province Abbreviation Province Name GST
Total Sales Tax Tax Shipping and Handling?

General Information