Simple Edition - Sales Tax Web Service API

The Simple Edition Sales and Use Tax Rates Web Service provides access to sales and use tax rates data using a US 5 digit Zip Code or Canadian Province abbreviation.

The Simple Edition web service is our most popular Sales and Use Tax Rates Web Service. Simply enter a Valid 5 digit US zip code and get the current sales and use tax information returned to you. The county city information is based on the USPS preferred city name for that zip code.

The data returned will include the following information:

Zip Code State Abbrevation County Name
City Name Total Sales Tax Rate Total Use Tax Rate
County Name State Sales Tax Rate State Use Tax Rate
County Sales Tax Rate County Use Tax Rate Tax Shipping Alone?
City Sales Tax rat City Use Tax Rate Tax Shipping and Handling Together?

The Canada lookup tool will return the following:

Province Abbreviation Province Name GST
Total Sales Tax Tax Shipping and Handling?


WSDL : http://services.taxdataservice.com/TaxSimpleService.svc?WSDL

SOAP : http://services.taxdataservice.com/TaxSimpleService.asmx

Required Information: Registered TaxDataService UserID and Password.

Sample Source Code

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Additional Documentation

This document contains example input/output for the Sales and Use Tax Basic Web service.

Affordable Pricing

Name Lookups Plan Term Price/Lookup($) Price/Overage($) Price($)
SE100 100 Monthly 0.029 0.039 2.90 Try Buy
SE500 500 Monthly 0.028 0.037 13.90 Try Buy
SE1000 1,000 Monthly 0.025 0.033 25.00 Try Buy
SE5000 5,000 Monthly 0.020 0.026 99.00 Try Buy
SE10000 10,000 Monthly 0.0194 0.026 194.00 Try Buy
SE25000 25,000 Monthly 0.0182 0.025 455.00 Try Buy
SE50000 50,000 Monthly 0.018 0.025 900.00 Try Buy
SE1000 1,000 Yearly 0.025 0.033 25.00 Try Buy
SE10000 10,000 Yearly 0.020 0.026 199.00 Try Buy
SE25000 25,000 Yearly 0.019 0.026 475.00 Try Buy
SE50000 50,000 Yearly 0.0185 0.026 925.00 Try Buy

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