Economy Edition - Sales Tax Web Service

The Economy Edition handles multiple tax jurisdictions within a single ZIP code and also includes multiple levels of tax rates such as MTA and SPD data, and other fields.

The Economy edition web service allows to Simply enter a valid 5 digit US Zip Code and get the current sales and use tax rates information returned to you. If the zip code contains more than one city & county combination, the web service will return multiple sets of data, one for each taxing jurisdiction.

The data returned will include the following information

Zip Code MTA Sales Tax County Number
City Name Other1 Use Tax City Number
County Name Other2 Sales Tax Other1 Name
State Abbrevation Other2 Use Tax Other1 Number
City Sales Tax Other3 Sales Tax Other2 Name
City Use Tax Other3 Use Tax Other2 Number
County Sales Tax Other4 Sales Tax Other3 Name
County Use Tax Other4 Use Tax Other3 Number
State Sales Tax Total Sales Tax Rates Other4 Name
State Use Tax Total Use Tax Rates Other4 Number
SPD Sales Tax SPD Name Tax Shipping Alone?
SPD Use Tax SPD Number Tax Shipping and Handling together?
MTA Sales Tax MTA Name  
MTA Use Tax MTA Number  


WSDL : http://services.taxdataservice.com/TaxEconomyService.svc?WSDL

WSDL : http://services.taxdataservice.com/TaxEconomyService.asmx

Required Information: Registered TaxDataService UserID and Password.

Sample Source Code

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Additional Documentation

This document contains example input/output for the Sales and Use Tax Basic Web service.

Affordable Pricing

Product Name LookUps Plan Term LookUp Rate($) Overage Rate($) Price($)
Economy100 100 Monthly 0.069 0.092 6.90 Try Buy
Economy500 500 Monthly 0.050 0.066 25.00 Try Buy
Economy1000 1,000 Monthly 0.045 0.060 45.00 Try Buy
Economy5000 5,000 Monthly 0.0398 0.0530 199.00 Try Buy
Economy10000 10,000 Monthly 0.0389 0.0518 389.00 Try Buy
Economy50000 50,000 Monthly 0.0370 0.0493 1850.00 Try Buy
Economy1000 1,000 Yearly 0.0450 0.0530 45.00 Try Buy
Economy10000 10,000 Yearly 0.3890 0.5180 389.00 Try Buy

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